Witness: Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams – Al Jazeera (2012)

Witness: Mustafa's Sweet Dreams - Al Jazeera Documentary Film

The Al Jazeera documentary series Witness takes the audiences from one peculiar aspect of a country to another and this time in their episode titled Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams, the Al Jazeera Team unravel the aspiration of a young apprentice pastry-maker Mustafa, who wishes to master the art of Baklava making, which is a Turkish sweet dish. The Al Jazeera film is shot in the picturesque south-eastern Turkish region, which is also dubbed as the ‘Baklava making capital of the world’. The region also houses almost three hundred shops that strive to create this delicious cake for millions of people, who crave for its sweetness on their tongues.

The Al Jazeera documentary film focuses almost entirely on its titular character, Mustafa, who is an impulsive youth. He has completely devoted himself to learning this art and mastering it fully. His passion for the art of pastry making serves as an inspiration not only for those, who are pursuing a career in his field. However, generally he would definitely inspire people to strive hard to achieve their dreams at all costs. He has risen against all odds and to fulfill his passion, he works day and night following his master to get to know as much as he can and memorize it completely.

It is a beautiful coming of age tale that lays great emphasis on setting goals for oneself and going all out to achieve them. The relationship between Mustafa and his uncle and master had a personal place in the director’s heart, who was reminded of his father. Which is why the tale of Mustafa has a special place in the director’s heart as he could truly relate to the wonder and excitement that his uncle’s knowledge ignited in him. He was a rebellious young man, who wanted to become the Baklava master and earn his place in society by using the skills that were handed down to him by his loving uncle.

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