Witness: Syria: Smugglers With A Cause – Al Jazeera (2012)

Witness: Syria: Smugglers With A Cause - Al Jazeera Documentary

The Al Jazeera World series Witness present another shocking episode that highlight the rising conflict in the region of Syria. The episode is titled Syria: Smugglers With A Cause and as the name suggests that film provides great insight into the ongoing turbulence that has been going on in Syria and how the resistance movement is being armed to achieve their goal. A group of young men have organized a resistance movement that are up against a formidable enemy that is Assad regime that has been accused of shedding the blood of millions of thousands of innocent Syrian people.

There is no telling whether how noble their cause is, but one thing is for sure that the Free Syrian army and Syria’s opposition activists are largely ill-equipped compared to the government. So, how do they keep the resistance movement alive along with the hopes of millions? The Al Jazeera documentary film unravels a smuggling network that involves Syrian activists, who are now living in exile, who smuggle supplies across the border to help their brothers in war. The people who smuggle the goods across the border are usually volunteers and they risk their lives for this noble. The Al Jazeera film highlights the countless problems they face in completing this dangerous mission.

A lot of the times, these volunteers are ambushed by the Syrian army and many lose their lives in the process. However, they still continue with their efforts and somehow manage to supply the resistance forces with arms and ammunitions. The Al Jazeera documentary tries to voice the perspective of many of these activists, such as Jamil. He was forced to flee to Turkey, after there were several threats to his life in Syria and from there he has spoken of his resolve to continue to work for the resistance across the border, where he lives with other activists, who share the same sentiments. The Al Jazeera film sheds light on a very critical point for the Syrians and the spirit revolution that is brewing amongst them.

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