Witness: The Deadliest Beat – Al Jazeera (2011)

Witness: The Deadliest Beat - Al Jazeera Documentary Film

The Al Jazeera Witness documentary film titled The Deadliest Beat is directed by Rick Rowley and shifts its focus on to the bloody drug wars that are going in the Mexican region. The 25-minutes long Al Jazeera Witness documentary film starts off with a reporter, who describes the daily threats that is made to the reporters’ and journalists’ life for all the scoops pertaining to the matter they cover. In 2006, Mexico’s president had declared a full-fledged war against the drug cartels that have long been a scourge to the economy and social stability of the nation. So far the war has claimed the lives of 32000 people and is resulting in an unprecedented conflagration.

Witness: The Deadliest Beat - This Al Jazeera documentary film unravels the inside story of two newspaper agency in Sinaloa and their daily battles. They can either choose to live by keeping mum about the criminal presence of the narcotic industry or they can uncover the fact and forever jeopardize their lives and the lives of their loved ones. The Al Jazeera Witness documentary film features Ernesto Martinez, a Mexican photojournalist, who further describes his journey as a journalist and the million obstacles he faces because of his profession.  He reflects that being a journalist comes at a personal cost to him and to his loved ones as he photographs the brutal drug wars.

Witness: The Deadliest Beat - The first half of this documentary follows Ernesto Martinez on his job and how he covers these crimes. The fallout between the authorities and the drug cartels is indeed a very gruesome sight to behold and it is no less of a feat as they risk their lives for the sake of the truth and rise against all odds. The drug wars are still going on and this Al Jazeera documentary provides great insight into the subject. It is a highly interesting documentary that will not only be a great watch for budding journalists, as it exposes all the challenges that journalists tackle on a day to day basis.

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